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Hello World

It has been almost 3 years since I wrote my last blog post. Time flies and I pretty much deserted my old page. A lot has happened since then and because this is my new official page I’ll start things of with a short introduction.

My name is Luka and I’m a computer and technology enthusiast. Some people have a word for that: Geek. On top of that I have a passion for games, both playing and developing them. The latter was the main point of my old blog but in the past few years my time was more or less dedicated to collage. I have a bachelors degree in Computer and Information Science, and I’m on my way getting a masters in the same field. In my spare time I research and tinker with new things in my field but don’t find the time to finish what I started. With this summer and a new page I want to change things around. I’ll try to post interesting things on my blog related to my work and passion, and I hope that I’ll be able to share my interests with you.

I always wanted to share my knowledge with others, and have created several videos on my YouTube channel, and created a C++ Game Development Course on Udemy. With over 8000 students in it I’m currently rerecording and adding content to it since it was published back in 2012, and technology changes fast.

Apart from working on the course I want to start on finishing some other projects. I have an almost complete Chip8 interpreter in the works and a wish to create and publish a new game, just like in the old times. I usually worked with low end libraries in C++, but nowadays I use Unity. If you are interested in the games I made you can check my old blog here. They are old projects so I won’t list them on this page.

That’s in short about me. I’ll try to post regularly without a delay of 3 years so that you can always find something interesting to read.